Power system oscillations are a phenomenon of periodic energy exchange across the system’s different components. Oscillations are inherent to each power system and can pose dynamic risks requiring the operator’s real-time situational awareness for potential stability issues. In partnership with India’s Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO), the G-PST Consortium hosted a virtual peer-learning event highlighting POSOCO’s power system oscillation source analysis using oscillation source location software (OSLp) tool, developed by ISO New England Inc. The webinar:

  • provides an overview of dissipation energy methods for oscillation source analysis,
  • explores POSOCO’s experience with OSLp so far, and
  • includes an interactive Q&A with expert presenters.

This event is part of the G-PST Consortium’s webinar series that spotlights partner country’s success stories, innovations, and insights to draw connections to universally relevant lessons for a global audience across a range of power system operations and variable renewable energy technology and integration topics.

Speakers include:

  • Bin Wang – Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical