Foundational Workforce Development

Foundational Workforce Development2023-03-10T16:17:02-05:00

Pillar 3 – Foundational Workforce Development

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Led by Imperial College London, this pillar focuses on workforce development to enable power system transformation at both the university and professional levels.

A core group of power system academics, G-PST’s Teaching Agenda Group, developed the G-PST Teaching Agenda identifying priority power system engineering topics required for university graduates and power engineering professionals to understand to meet the challenges posed by high penetration of variable renewable energy sources (VRE) and inverter-based resources (IBR) in power systems. To enable this education, G-PST is developing the Teaching Agenda topics into cutting-edge teaching and training materials which can be incorporated selectively into an existing curriculums or training program.

Pillar 3 is also supporting the technical upskilling of women in the workforce through the Women in Power System Transformation (PST) program. Through Women in PST, the first five Teaching Agenda course modules were launched in 2022. Access these free, university-level technical teaching materials.

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