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Pillar 3 – Foundational Workforce Development

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Led by Imperial College London, this pillar focuses on workforce development to enable power system transformation at both the university and professional levels. A core group of power system academics has been established and power system transformation curriculum development is underway. Local university partners in Colombia, Indonesia, and Kenya have also been identified and a deeper technical survey of existing power curriculum needs and interests is underway. Partnerships with these universities will result in localization of university of professional development curriculum and training for these specific contexts. Program design is also ongoing to support technical upskilling of women in the workforce.

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Latest Accomplishments

3103, 2021

Inaugural Teaching Agenda Released

This document summarizes the outputs from a consultation process led by the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium’s Teaching Agenda Group (TAG). The main purpose of this document is to initiate wider consultation and get feedback from various stakeholders. This includes the Founding System Operators of the G-PST, other system operators around the world, G-PST core partners, university partners in different countries/regions and individuals/organizations who have expressed interest in contributing to or benefitting from the workforce development pillar of G-PST.

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1003, 2021

Workforce Development for Power System Transformation

Featured Speakers: Mark O’Malley, ESIG; Balarko Chaudhury, Imperial College London; Tim Green, Imperial College London; Vijay Vittal, Arizona State University; Julia Matevosyan, ERCOT; Sadie Cox, NREL

Developing a well-trained and diverse power system workforce is key to continued innovation in the power sector. The G-PST Consortium’s Pillar 3, led by Imperial College London, hosted a webinar focused on how to upskill the existing power sector workforce and revamp post-graduate power education programs. A forward-looking teaching agenda was introduced by eminent experts in the respective subject areas. Logistics for delivering the teachings globally, leveraging existing resources, and plans for promoting diversity in the power sector workforce was also discussed.

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509, 2020

Collaboration with Universities to Build a Strong Workforce of the Future

Led by Imperial College London, a core group of power academics and partnerships with local universities in Colombia, India, Indonesia, and Kenya have been established to develop state of the art power system curricula and identify unique workforce development needs. This curricula will be made available to universities to adapt and utilize for graduate education and continuing professional education across all G-PST Consortium countries.

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