This USAID Clean EDGE Asia Power Sector Learning Series webinar featured speakers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), PLN Indonesia, USAID Enhancing Equality in Energy for Southeast Asia (E4SEA), and the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE). The event outlined the Women in Power System Transformation (Women in PST), a joint initiative from USAID, NREL, and the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium, which aims to expand leadership and technical training opportunities for women in power system operations. Teaching materials on four cutting-edge power system technical topics were presented that relate to variable renewable energy integration, power sector transformation, and advanced power system operations.

Sinthya Roesly, Chief Financial Officer at PLN Indonesia, provided a regional perspective on the importance of a gender-diverse systems operator workforce and expanding technical training opportunities for women. Hallie Lucas, Women in PST Lead at NREL, provided an overview of the initiative, the technical course topics, and how to access them for free. Finally, Aldilla Noor Rakhiemah, Senior Research Analyst at ACE, and Lois Varrick, Interim Chief of Party and Office in Charge of the USAID Enhancing Equality in Energy for Southeast Asia, concluded with additional regional perspectives on gender equality programs, toolkits, and available internships. Presentations were followed by a panel discussion featuring all presenters.


  • Scott Bartos, Regional Energy Advisor, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia
  • Sadie Cox, USAID-NREL Portfolio Manager, NREL
  • Hallie Lucas, Women in PST Lead, NREL
  • Sinthya Roesly, Chief Financial Officer, PLN Indonesia
  • Aldilla Noor Rakhiemah, Senior Research Analyst, ASEAN Centre for Energy
  • Lois Varrick, Managing Director and CEO at CORE International, USAID Enhancing Equality in Energy for Southeast Asia (E4SEA)

Review the presentations slide, available for download.

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