The chief executive officers of National Grid Electricity System Operator UK, California Independent System Operator (CAISO), Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Ireland’s System Operator (EirGrid), and Denmark’s System Operator (Energinet) are champions in developing the consortium vision and activities. Importantly, these system operators are leading a Research Agenda Group to identify common, cutting-edge research questions that can inform large- scale national research and development investments. Relevant results and lessons from this process will be broadly shared for learning across all countries. The Consortium is also partnering with around 10 emerging economy and developing country system operators from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe who will also guide the G-PST vision and collaborate with the Consortium to advance power system transformation with a focus on technical collaboration, peer learning and exchange, and workforce development to support local PST priorities.

Founding System Operators

California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Logo
EIRGRID Group Logo
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National Grid ESO Logo

Founding System Operator CEO’s

Elliot Mainzer Headshot

Audrey Zibelman


Elliot Mainzer Headshot

Elliot Mainzer


Mark Foley Headshot

Mark Foley


Thomas Egebo Headshot

Thomas Egebo

CEO, Energinet

Fintan Slye Headshot

Fintan Slye

CEO, National Grid ESO