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Pillar 4 – Localized Technology Adoption Support

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IEEE, as the Pillar 4 coordinator, supports global peer learning and key technology standards and testing programs to support power system transformation. In addition, IEEE will support a set of countries on applying these technologies and standards at the local level. IEEE has completed a white paper for the G-PST Consortium providing an overview of power system technical standards, testing and certification most applicable to G-PST activities. IEEE is currently surveying potential partner countries on specific needs for localized technology adoption.

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Latest Accomplishments

2001, 2021

Power System Operator Survey Toward Global Energy Transformation Summary Report

The IEEE Standards Association and the IEEE Power and Energy Society are working with the G-PST Consortium to assess viewpoints in the area of next-generation energy (e.g. renewables, energy storage, distributed energy resources, energy efficiency, and grid modernization, etc.) to support priority needs and interests for specific countries/regions. This document provides a summary of the first survey developed and administered by IEEE in support of Pillar 4 of G-PST Consortium on Localized Technology Adoption Support. View report.

2509, 2020

Standards and Certification to Support System Operations white paper

This document provides a high-level view of the landscape of standards, and related testing and certification initiatives, relevant to the power and energy fields of interest to the Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST Consortium). This document does not intend to serve as a technical overview on the subjects, but rather depicts the scope of today’s technical standards, guidelines, and industry practices that have relevance to the core vision of G-PST Consortium. IEEE, as a member organization of the G-PST Consortium, has prepared this document as a contribution to the G-PST Consortium.  View white paper.

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