New IEEE Standards Development for Distributed Energy Resources

New IEEE Standards Development for Distributed Energy Resources

G-PST’s Localized Technology Adoption Support Pillar and IEEE hosted a webinar to share ongoing standard development activities related to distributed energy resources (DERs) interconnection. The webinar covers goals, purposes, and timelines for completing drafting and/or updating of the below standards, and offer ways to join or contribute to the standards development efforts:

IEEE 1547.2 – Application Guide for Interconnection
DER IEEE 1547.3 – Guide for Cybersecurity
IEEE 1547.9-2022 – Guide for Interconnection of Energy Storage Systems
IEEE 2800-2022 – Standard for Inverter-based Resources Interconnected with Transmission (>100kV) Systems

Featured Speakers:

Mamadou Diong, Chair of IEEE P1547, Revision of IEEE 1547-2018
Jithendar Anandan, Chair of IEEE P1547.10, Recommended Practice for DER Gateway
Mark Siira, Chair of Standards Coordinating Committee 21, Smart Grid Interoperability and Interconnection

Review the presentation slides.


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