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Rapidly accelerating transitions to advanced low emission power systems
in collaboration with power system operators in all regions

  • Accomplishment Pillar 5 - Windmills

    Pillar 5 Develops Portal to Aggregate Open-Source Power System Software

    The G-PST Consortium's Pillar 5, led by VTT Finland with support from NREL, is developing an open-source tool portal to help filter, visualize, and identify open-source power systems software capabilities. This portal will be a practice-oriented resource aimed at making ...

  • Accomplishment for Pillar 3 Featured Image

    Advanced Open Tools Characterized to Support System Operation and Planning

    A detailed characterization approach was developed for the open models and tools, along with comprehensive dimensions of assessment. Subsequently, the classification and evaluation process started and is currently under progress. Moreover, A new proposal is being prepared to be submitted ...

  • Accomplishment for Pillar 3 Featured Image

    Standards and Certification to Support System Operations white paper

    This document provides a high-level view of the landscape of standards, and related testing and certification initiatives, relevant to the power and energy fields of interest to the Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST Consortium). This document does not intend ...

  • Accomplishment for Pillar 1 Featured Image

    G-PST Research Agenda Group Maps Out the Research Frontier for System Operators

    Representatives from leading global technical institutes and the G-PST Founding System Operators are actively defining near-term applied research priorities and programs to support system operators in achieving very high penetrations (i.e., >80%) of inverter-based variable renewable energy resources on their ...

  • Modern Power Plant Control Room

    Indonesia Control Room Design Support

    Indonesia’s state-owned electricity provider and Grid System Operator, PLN, is seeking to refurbish its Java-Bali grid control center to modernize grid operations and improve system reliability. The G-PST Consortium, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, is supporting PLN in ...

The G-PST Consortium acts as a force multiplier in the global effort to drive rapid transition to a zero-carbon electricity grid, connecting its ecosystem partners and creating intentional, inclusive, and purpose-driven collaboration to solve common challenges.

Vision & Mission

Visionary Goal: Dramatically accelerate the transition to low emission and low cost, secure, and reliable power systems, contributing to >50% emission reductions over the next 10 years, with $2 billion of government and donor support for technical, market, and workforce solutions that unlock $10 trillion+ of private sector investment.

Mission: Our Mission is to bring together key actors to foment a rapid clean energy transition at unprecedented scope and scale by providing coordinated and holistic “end-to-end” support and knowledge infusion to power system operators across the 5 Action Pillars.

Key Action Pillars

The G-PST Consortium engages in activities across five key pillars with the goal of ensuring global coordination of our efforts toward the achievement of cost-efficient, clean, and reliable power systems.


System Operator Research & Peer Learning

Perform and globally disseminate cutting edge applied research to solve pressing challenges for the world’s leading system operators.


System Operator Technical Support

Provide implementation support to scale established best practice engineering and operational solutions for developing country system operators.


Foundational Workforce Development

Build the inclusive and diverse workforce of tomorrow through enhanced university curriculum and technical upskilling for utility and system operator staff.


Localized Technology Adoption Support

Adapt modern power system technologies to individual country contexts through standards development activities and testing programs.


Open Data & Tools

Support rigorous planning, operational analysis and enhanced real-time system monitoring through open data and tools.

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The G-PST Consortium works with its partners and stakeholders to provide key resources and information about our work in each Pillar.

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