G-PST Consortium Quarterly Newsletter

Edition 1: June 2021

Edition 2: September 2021

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G-PST Consortium Events

November 30, 2021 – 4:00 PM EST – Virtual via WebEx Events

Featured Speakers: Mark O’Malley, Chief Scientist, ESIG and Julian Leslie, Head of Networks and Chief Engineer – National Grid Electricity System Operator

Webinar Abstract: As the power system generation mix transitions, advances in the operation and planning of the power system are required to continue to meet its primary objectives. To meet this need, select system operators on the cutting edge of this transition have collaborated with technical institutions around the world to create the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium. The Consortium has the objective of supporting advanced system operator cutting-edge research and development activities and supporting all system operators globally with knowledge and training as they transform their power systems.

Following an extensive and rigorous process, the G-PST defined a common inaugural research agenda to advance the operations and planning of power systems to enable the transition. The purpose of this webinar is to describe the research agenda, which seeks to include all possible advances, from fundamental to applied research, driving solutions which are expected (but not assumed) to be globally applicable to all system operators. The initial research agenda focuses on near-term issues (i.e., next decade) and includes all technical aspects of operational and planning activities within the bulk power system. These advances will vary from system to system and will range from simple modifications of existing technologies and practices to fundamentally new and better ways to plan and/or operate the power systems of the future.


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G-PST Consortium News

2021: U.S. Secretary of Energy and U.K. Secretary of State of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Join CEOs and Energy Leaders to Launch the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium during U.S. Climate Action Week

The G-PST Consortium hosted its formal launch event on April 21st at 8 a.m. US EDT, convened in association with US Climate Action Week. U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and U.K. BEIS Secretary of State Kwasi Kwarteng, together with several executives of power system operators and institutions from around the world, officially launched the G-PST Consortium. The event also showcased the G-PST Consortium’s inaugural research and teaching agendas.

2020: World’s Leading Power System Operators Announce Global Consortium

Earlier today during the BloombergNEF Summit, Audrey Zibelman, CEO of the Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO) announced the launch of the Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST). Speaking during the European Energy Infrastructure in Transition Session, Zibelman highlighted the need for a major global collaborative effort in overcoming technical barriers related to the integration of clean energy into power systems at an unprecedented scope and scale.
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