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Pillar 2 – System Operator Technical Support

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Led by NREL, a holistic system operator technical assistance and capacity building program approach has been developed to ensure robust and impactful support to partner country system operators. Work programs are under development with developing country and emerging economy system operator partners in 10 countries that define priority activities for technical assistance and peer learning and exchange with the Founding System Operators and between all system operators.

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Latest Accomplishments

609, 2020

Indonesia Control Room Design Support

Indonesia’s state-owned electricity provider and Grid System Operator, PLN, is seeking to refurbish its Java-Bali grid control center to modernize grid operations and improve system reliability. The G-PST Consortium, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, is supporting PLN in these efforts by reviewing technical documents and providing critical insights toward the design, procurement, and integration of cutting edge, renewable energy-ready grid management systems.

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