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Pillar 2 – System Operator Technical Support

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Led by NREL, a holistic system operator technical assistance and capacity building program approach has been developed to ensure robust and impactful support to partner country system operators. Work programs are under development with developing country and emerging economy system operator partners in 10 countries that define priority activities for technical assistance and peer learning and exchange with the Founding System Operators and between all system operators.

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Latest Accomplishments

906, 2021

G-PST Power System Sharing Series #3: The Grid Code Adaptation Toward VRE Integration

The third installment of the Power System Sharing Series, focused on grid code adaption. This webinar was delivered for PLN Indonesia staff and stakeholders. Speakers include experts from PLN, IEEE, AIT, and EPRI. More information on the Power System Sharing Series web page.
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505, 2021

G-PST Power System Sharing Series #2: The Readiness of SCADA/EMA in Control Centers for VRE Integration

The second webinar in the series focuses on SCADA/EMS readiness for high penetrations of variable renewable energy. Speakers included experts from NREL, CAISO, EPRI, and PLN.
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804, 2021

G-PST Power System Sharing Series #1: Industry and Researcher Perspectives on Control Center Upgrade Procurement

Featured Speakers: Hon. Zulkifli Zaini, PLN CEO; Mark McGranaghan, EPRI Europe; Haryanto WS, PLN Director; Hani Alarian, CAISO Exec Director; Roberto Bayetti, CAISO Director; Dede Subakti, CAISO Director; Suroso Isnandar, PLN; Oscar de Lima, deBarr; Francisco de Lima, deBarr; Rob Hardison, NREL; Adrian Kelly, EPRI Europe; Hongming Zhang, NREL; Seong Choi, NREL.

PLN, Indonesia’s state-owned utility, hosted this kickoff webinar for its System Operator Forum Power System Sharing Series in partnership with the G-PST. This session features an introduction to the System Operator Forum and the G-PST. In support of PLN’s ongoing effort to upgrade its Java-Bali control center, the technical portion of the session presented insights from the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), de Barr consultants, and G-PST consortium member research institutions NREL and EPRI. Future Sharing Series topics over the coming months will address key challenges facing PLN as it aims to ensure its grid system operations are proactively prepared to transition to low-carbon operating regimes.

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2502, 2021

Designing Control Rooms to Support High Penetrations of Variable Renewable Energy

Featured Speaker: Evy Haryadi, PLN Indonesia; Adrian Kelly, EPRI Europe; Sadie Cox, NREL; Hongming Zhang, NREL

Webinar Abstract: As power systems continue to evolve, control rooms and other operational measures must evolve alongside them. The Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium’s Pillar 2 lead organization, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), presented this webinar examining good practices for designing power system control rooms with high penetrations of variable renewable energy in mind. Presentations focused on sharing experiences and lessons that support cutting-edge upgrades to control rooms as countries integrate greater shares of renewables into their power sectors. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) shared learnings from their experience leading work on developing control rooms of the future and PLN Indonesia highlighted plans for upgrading their Java-Bali grid control room.

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