Women in PST brings together leading institutions focused on gender diversity and equality in the energy and other sectors to support students, researchers, and power sector practitioners in developing deeper knowledge and skills on cutting-edge technical topics related to variable renewable energy integration, power sector transformation, and advanced power system operations. With leadership from Imperial College London and power systems experts from around the world, Women in PST and the G-PST published in-depth university teaching materials for 4 cutting-edge power system technical topics aligned with the G-PST Inaugural Teaching Agenda:

1. Declining system inertia and dynamics reserve requirements, taught by Julia Matevosyan, Energy Systems Integration Group
2. Power system stability with 100% inverter-based resources (IBR), taught by Claudia Rahmann, University of Chile
3. Managing Electric Vehicle Charging Impacts on the Distribution System, taught by Edvina Uzunovic, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
4. Network planning and pricing across transmission and distribution systems, taught by Furong Li, University of Bath

This webinar expands on how you can use Women in PST technical teaching materials to train students and energy sector professionals.


  • Julia Matevosyan, Chief Engineer, Energy Systems Integration Group
  • Edvina Uzunovic, Assistant Teaching Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Furong Li, Electronic & Electrical Engineering Professor, University of Bath
  • Hallie Lucas, Lead for Women in PST,​ National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Karin Wadsack​, G-PST Secretariat Director,​ NREL

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