Electrical engineer woman holds laptop and stands in front of electric power transmission lines.

Under the G-PST’s System Operator Technical Support Pillar (Pillar 2), over 25 experts from across the G-PST core team and founding system operator network joined a virtual training series to present on power system management and VRE integration topics to staff at Indonesia’s power system operator, PLN. The series helps to broadcast to PLN staff the innovative and cutting-edge approaches that utilities around the world are using to integrate higher penetrations of VRE, and topics were chosen based on PLN’s highest priority needs and demands. The training series began in April 2021 and has completed nine installments.

View the recordings of each training:

  1. Industry and Researcher Perspectives on Control Center Upgrade Procurement
  2. The Readiness of SCADA/EMA in Control Centers for VRE Integration
  3. The Grid Code Adaptation Toward VRE Integration
  4. Smart Defense System Scheme to Maintain System Stability
  5. Cybersecurity Based on ISOC Concepts
  6. Advanced Forecasting of Short-term Load and Variable Generation
  7. Advanced Primary and Secondary Generation Control
  8. Advanced Dispatcher Training Simulator Toward VRE Integration
  9. Organizational Structure of the Control Center of the Future

Beyond this capacity-building series, the G-PST will continue to support PLN in modernizing its Sulawesi control rooms. Sulawesi forecasts a large uptick in near-term demand that will primarily be met with new renewables. The G-PST will aid PLN in determining how the control rooms might incorporate upgrades that better adapt to higher levels of VRE and modernize the functionality, database archiving, analytical capabilities, and the dashboard/ergonomics of the control room, among other areas that will be considered for improvement.