This publication was produced by the Services Group within the Inverter Based Resources (IBRs) Research Team of G-PST. It is designed to underpin, inform, and shape the Research Agenda of the G-PST . It is also deemed to be a contribution in its own right to the collective knowledge and insight into the transformation of power systems. The publication describes the evolving needs and services to maintain a reliable and stable power system, where IBRs have displaced synchronous machines as a consequence of a shift from fossil-fuel to variable renewables. It identifies types of system need categorized as:

  1. those addressing stability and power quality
  2. those addressing security of supply, resilience, and quality of service to end-use customers.

The publication defines needs in as technology neutral fashion as possible and does not pre-judge how a particular technology might provide a service to meet a need. Both the need to design IBRs to function within the grid as well as adapting the grid to accommodate IBRs is considered, with the objective of maintaining reliable power at least cost. The intention of the document is not to alter the functioning of the grid, but rather guide the evolution of needs and services as IBRs continue to displace synchronous machines.

Explore the full publication: System Needs and Services for Systems with High IBR Penetration.