Featured speakers:

  • Dr. Karin Wadsack, G-PST Interim Secretariat Director and NREL Program Manager
  • Dr. Hannele Holttinen, Partner, Recognis, Operating Agent, IEAWIND Task 25, and Pillar 5 Lead, G-PST
  • Dr. Amy Rose, NREL Senior Researcher

Through this webinar from February 15, 2022, learn about the Global Power System Transformation Consortium’s (G-PST) mission to bring together key actors to bring about a rapid clean energy transition at unprecedented scope and scale. The Consortium does this by providing coordinated and holistic “end-to-end” support and knowledge infusion to power system operators across the 5 Action Pillars:

  • system operator research and peer learning;
  • system operator technical support;
  • found