Resource adequacy methods, metrics and tools have been challenged by recent events across the world. As the economy decarbonizes and electrifies, ensuring a reliable and resilient power system is of paramount importance, and several aspects of resource adequacy have been identified as a gap to be addressed by several organizations, including G-PST and others. This includes the metrics and criteria used, how planners develop and assess future scenarios, models and data for representing new and emerging resources and issues, and the software tools themselves. In mid-2021, EPRI started the Resource Adequacy for a Decarbonized Future Initiative, aiming to address these challenges. This project, scheduled to be completed in the coming months, is a collaboration between EPRI, a large number of utilities and ISOs and several other key industry stakeholders. Leveraging six case studies across North America, outcomes will include recommendations and guidelines for the metrics and models used to assess adequacy, tools to develop scenarios and analyze simulation outputs, and case study results showing the changing nature of risk the system will be exposed to.

During this webcast, the EPRI team presented on results to date, reflect on key lessons learned and identify future work in this space needed to ensure a reliable power system. Starting with a general overview of the research carried out, deep dives on 3-4 topics of most relevance provided further insight into how we can maintain or even improve reliability as the power system decarbonizes. This included aspects like modeling of weather dependence in thermal and renewable resources, understanding how different metrics and analysis shed light on the risks being faced, modeling of demand side resources and a survey of existing and under-development software tools used to assess adequacy.

Featured Speakers:

  • Aidan Tuohy, Senior Program Manager, EPRI
  • Genevieve de Miholla, Engineer/Scientist III, EPRI
  • Eamonn Lannoye, Senior Program Manager, EPRI Europe

Moderator: Charlie Smith, Executive Director, ESIG

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