National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) plays a very important role of ensuring that Great Britain has the essential energy it needs by making sure supply meets demand every second of every day. The flow of electricity is getting more complex in the GB system with key features of more renewable energy and interconnectors; a growing number of ways to source electricity as well as more participants in “demand side response”. National Grid ESO is working hand in hand with the energy industry and continually finding ways to innovate, invest and adapt the electricity system to keep electricity flowing reliably to homes and businesses across Great Britain. As an active member of the G-PST Consortium, National Grid ESO will use this webinar to share a series of good practices featuring five speakers who will cover the following topics below in support of the UK’s Net-zero energy transition:

GB Grid Forming Grid Code Development (Antony Johnson)
GB Grid Forming Best Practice Guide Development (Dechao Kong)
Stability Constraint Management – Stability Pathfinder Program (Shurooque Baloch)