Featured Speaker: Deepak Ramasubramanian, Senior Engineer Scientist, EPRI

The changing resource mix of the bulk power system, particularly the increasing deployment of wind power and solar PV, has resulted in an increasing portion of the resource mix being asynchronously connected through inverters – Inverter Based Resources (IBRs). These resources behave differently than traditional synchronous resources, which has necessitated investigation into viable alternate control schemes for use during operation of the system. A major theme of alternate schemes proposed in research has been on ensuring that these IBRs conform to the operational norms and limits that are presently followed. However as a faster response can be obtained from IBRs, this webinar will first pose the question of whether there is really a need to make IBRs conform to a slower operational paradigm which reflects synchronous machine operation. Or can the fast response characteristics of an IBR be leveraged to obtain superior frequency control?