With the initiative “60 to 100 due 2032” it is the goal of 50Hertz to integrate sufficient renewable energy sources into the grid to obtain 100% of energy from renewables by the year 2032. For that purpose, we are developing with MCCS a system that uses a modular and scalable approach to the control architecture to manage and overcome future challenges in smart grid networks. The webinar demonstrates the path for successfully applying the design principles to implement the modular approach from the beginning to the present day, and describe what a modular design approach means for the relevant technologies and potential vendors. The challenge of master data management and communication will be outlined and how it was overcome will be described. Through an iterative product development process, collaboration and an agile approach, 50Hertz is paving the way to a digital future.

Featured Speakers: Mirko Pracht, Director, Digitalization in System Operations, 50Hertz / Program Lead & Initiator for MCCS; Ralf Heisig, Product Manager, MCCS, 50Hertz