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Pillar 5 – Open Data & Tools

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Based on input from system operators, the OpenMod community, and others, Fraunhofer’s Cluster of Excellence for Integrated Energy Systems (CINES) and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are working to characterize and further improve different existing open models and tools that are most applicable to G-PST activities. This detailed open tool classification approach is also being transferred to a public space for easy accessibility. In addition, the Consortium will support the application of these open tools and data with developing country partners. As a major development, USAID is expanding the RE Data Explorer to provide open renewable energy data to the world that can be used by system operators and other stakeholders to support power system transformation.

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Latest Accomplishments

2509, 2020

Advanced Open Tools Characterized to Support System Operation and Planning

A detailed characterization approach was developed for the open models and tools, along with comprehensive dimensions of assessment. Subsequently, the classification and evaluation process started and is currently under progress.

Moreover, A new proposal is being prepared to be submitted to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology BMWi. This is in collaboration between Fraunhofer IEG and Fraunhofer IEE, and will deal with open source tools for global power transmission system planning.

409, 2020

Provision of Open Data to the World to Support Advanced System Operation

In collaboration with the G-PST Consortium, USAID and NREL have developed an open data platform, called RE Data Explorer, that provides publicly available high temporal and spatial resolution renewable energy data for many countries around the world. As an exciting development, a data upgrade is underway for Southeast Asia that will allow  visitors to visualize and download solar resource data at 10-minute intervals across a 2-km grid covering the entire region. These and other datasets within the RE Data Explorer can support system operators and other decision-makers in planning for power system transformation and deploying higher shares of renewables onto the grid.

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