This quarterly newsletter highlights recent projects, partnerships, and resources from the G-PST Consortium.

Letter from the Chair of the Founding System Operators

Creating Cleaner Power Systems through International Collaboration

As a global society, it has never been more important for us to transform how we power our lives and communities. The issue of decarbonizing the energy sector is not one for future generations to solve, but one that leaders around the world must urgently address today. However, as higher penetrations of variable renewable energy are brought online, the world’s electricity system operators are faced with an unprecedented amount of technical and operational challenges to ensure power systems remain secure, reliable, and resilient.

This is where the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium endeavors to make an impact.

Through collaboration between several founding system operators and a core technical team of leading research institutes, the G-PST Consortium seeks to accelerate the integration of increasing volumes of renewables onto the world’s power systems while supporting the system operators on the ground facing daily operational constraints. We aim to provide this support through cutting-edge research as well as knowledge diffusion to help other jurisdictions and system operators embrace – and successfully manage – more and more clean power.