Featured Speaker: Jun Bum Kwon, Senior Engineer, Energinet

About the Webinar: A significant amount of power electronics interfaced devices (PEIDs) will be integrated into the Danish system over the coming years. This brings new challenges in operating the power system securely and reliably. For instance, weak grid conditions, large deviations in short circuit power, complex faults, and different control and protection behavior will become more common in a 100 % PEIDs based systems. As a TSO responsible for the secure operation of entire power system, understanding and analyzing correct dynamic behavior in simulation-based analysis, and proposing mitigation measures are becoming the main key challenges. For this, new simulation environments are needed.

This webinar explores the challenges associated with operating a 100% PEIDs-based power system with a focus on use of simulation-support for decision making. The session shed light on the current complexities within the Danish power grid, emphasizing the increasing penetration of renewable energy. The pivotal role of Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) studies in understanding and mitigating these challenges will be addressed. The webinar also shares insights into the process and methodology behind developing a system-level EMT study and analysis environment. Furthermore, the webinar explores the future applications of this innovative environment, offering a glimpse into its potential impact on the Danish power system.