Based on the current power sector landscape in the ASEAN region, this community of practice event explores Vietnam’s system operator experience managing growing amounts of variable renewable energy generation on their power system. Since the unprecedented boom in solar energy development in recent years, Vietnam’s National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC) faced the challenge of stabilizing the power system in real time. To avoid straining the transmission and grid infrastructure, it is reported that around 365 million kWh of solar power was curtailed in 2020, and the plan was to increase the amount of electricity curtailment from solar generation to 1.3 billion kWh in 2021. Indonesia and Thailand, as two major countries in the region planning to install more than 5.8 GW of solar and wind energy combined by 2030, can learn from Vietnam’s experiences. Expert guests from Vietnam’s system operator, EVNNLDC, shares how their team handles the high fluctuations of solar and wind energy coming on to the grid and provides possible technical recommendations.

Featured Speakers:

  • Karin Wadsack, NREL
  • Warit Rattanachuen, HAPU
  • Mr. Beni Suryadi (ACE)
  • Mr. Dinh Xuan Duc (EVNNLDC)
  • Mr. Elvanto Yanuar Ikhsan (PLN)
  • Mr. Shanmugam Thoppalan (GSO-TNB)
  • Mr. Luke Robinson (AEMO)