The mission of the grid forming (GFM) Technologies Implementation Council is to break the chicken-and-egg cycle that exists with respect to the commercial application of GFM inverter-based equipment and to accelerate the pathway to deployment of this enabling technology. 

The cyclical GFM challenge results in operators not knowing what capabilities to specify, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) not having the technical specifications of the equipment capabilities that are needed, and there being little guidance from codes and standards organizations to specify the equipment for procurement by the project developers. 

For G-PST to be successful, the research results derived from addressing the questions in the Founding System Operators (FSOs) Research Agenda must be implemented in hardware and software that can be used to operate the power system of the future. Recognizing the importance of being able to supply and procure GFM equipment to enable the energy transformation to proceed at speed and scale, a GFM Technologies Implementation Council was formed, with membership from OEMs, project developers, consultants, system operators, software developers, and standards and regulatory bodies. The implementation councils enable system operators around the globe to both commit to and benefit from advances made through G-PST.