The G-PST Consortium’s Pillar 1 (System Operator Research and Peer Learning) organized a one-day workshop on November 10th, 2022, that focused on three topics with identified research gaps for future inverter based resource (IBR) dominated power systems. The topics were: resource adequacy, system services and grid forming inverters. The workshop was coordinated by pillar lead and G-PST representative, Hannele Holttinen, and had about 50 participants, most of them joining the in-person workshop in London with several more joining online.

For assessing future resource adequacy: System operator challenges include managing complex datasets from increasing amounts of input data to models, such as sector coupling, new assets (for example – distributed energy resources), and also new potential events. There are many research projects ongoing in this area where G-PST could enable knowledge-sharing and experience. Proposed research topics are for metrics, data, and tool development.