The Tools and Models workstream of the Inverter Based Resources (IBR) Research team developed this interactive presentation that analyzes a wide range of tools, categorized as “stability tools” (positive-sequence, phasor-based time simulation tools), “physics tools” (e.g. EMT or Protection tools) and “economics” tools (e.g. capacity expansion or production cost models). For each tool analyzed, the presentation provides a list of related terms and brands associated with the tool, the key attributes and main uses of the tool, the relationship of the tool to stability tools, the gaps in the tool with respect to modeling or analyzing IBRs or high-IBR systems, and the maturity of the tool (ranging from widely commercialized to ‘proof-of-concept’). Additional topics for tool and model development are covered, including the need for better ‘meta-tools’ that can be used to pre- and post-process simulation results, provide linkages between tools, and help system operators make better decisions given around when to use a given tool or how to interpret results from a tool.

Explore the full presentation: Stability Tools Inventory – Status and Needs.