As of May 31, 2022, ERCOT has integrated about 35,755 MW of wind and 11,669 MW of solar capacity on its grid. ERCOT currently receives both hourly and intra-hour 5-minute wind and solar forecasts from three different vendors and has built tools and processes to integrate these various forecasts into ERCOT’s Real Time operations and forward-looking studies. Since about 2018, ERCOT has had a “pay-for-performance” payment structure with its wind forecast vendors that incentivizes improvements in forecast performance during hours that are critical to Real-Time operations. ERCOT has been continuously improving the design of its Ancillary Services (aka “operational reserves”) program including creating new analysis tools to better manage the challenges brought by uncertainty and variability of its wind and solar fleet. This webinar will provide a holistic review of ERCOT’s wind and solar power forecast management strategies including tools, procedures, and approaches that have been instituted or are in the process of being implemented within the next 12-18 months.

Featured Speaker:

  • Nitika Mago, Manager, Electric Grid Operations, ERCOT

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