Featured Speaker: Mark Norton, Vice President of Business Development, Smart Wires

About the Webinar: In the drive towards a targeted decarbonized power system by 2050, it is critical that the growth and speed of connections for renewable generating energy sources keeps pace to make this a reality. However, developers of renewable resources often face long lead times before they can freely offer (firm access) their power into energy markets, awaiting not only new network developments to connect the renewable generating sources, but also wider reinforcement of network capacity to transmit this energy. In Europe, “Connect and Manage” has become an approach used by some system operators, where firm access is offered before all associated reinforcement works are completed.

This webinar from November 19, 2023, addresses “Connect and Manage” principles, the experience from the common approaches being applied, and the risks, tools and outcomes from these. It concludes based on these experiences the learning and best practice approaches to be used in future by system operators and policy makers.